Women's Basketball

2017-2018 Women's Basketball Roster

2017-2018 Women's Basketball Roster


Team Captains

Shannon Ward, President/Captain

Niamh Klein, Vice President 

Lindsey Krill, Captain

Julia Bartimer, Treasurer


First Name Last Name Class Concentration
Shannon Ward 2018 Computer Science
Niamh Klein 2020 Education and Sociology
Lindsey Krill 2020 Public Health
Julia Bartimer 2020 Applied Math-Econ
Jo Issenman 2018 Physics and Philosophy
Kate Hoey 2018 MCM and Gender & Sexuality
Madison Rodman 2018 Public Health
Shayna Sarin 2020 Urban Studies
Elizaben Paasche 2020 Chemical Engineering
Alannah Vann 2020 Undeclared
Ella Satish 2020 Undeclared
Chiara Arellano 2020 Environmental Science
Emily Noruma 2021 Undeclared
Sadie Stern 2021 Undeclared
Julia Berkson 2021 Undeclared
Ashley Battenberg 2021 Undeclared
Ingrid Hirt 2021 Undeclared