Philosophy and Mission Statement

Club Sports at Brown University aim to seamlessly integrate education and athletics. We take pride in all of our teams and believe that participation in athletics enhances the learning process. 

Our philosophy is to promote and advance healthy lifestyle choices through participation opportunities, educational experiences, and supportive services. Our qualified staff is committed to excellence and is attentive to the developmental needs of the Club Sport community.

Although the structure, organization, and execution of each Club Sport’s practices and competitions are primarily the responsibility of students, DAPE provides three main branches of support: human resources, financial resources, and dedicated facilities. With the ever-increasing interest in Club Sports come increasing concerns associated with providing these clubs assistance and supervision. Most of our teams compete extensively in extramural competition, and many hold memberships in athletic conferences. Each club is unique in its purpose and operation, but all should reflect positively on both Club Sports as a program and Brown University as a whole.